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Comments so far...


UK, 02/16/2016, Eastern Med Cruise

Just loved the photos, descriptions and tips.  Can't wait for May when we board the Reflection and see all this for ourselves. Thank you

Virginia, USA, 02/08/2016, South America Cruise

We very much appreciate you sharing this! We are about to take the same journey next month (March 2016 - although in our case, with Royal  Caribbean), and your pictures and descriptions were incomparable in  bringing this to life for us and helping form our expectations. Also,  having lived as an American in Germany for 7 years - 4 of them in  Ludwisgburg near Stuttgart, I very much understand the strange feeling  you must have had in the Puerto Montt "gebiet"!

Canada, 01/30/2016, South America Cruise

Thank you very much for sharing your reviews of the ports you visited during your cruise to South America last year. Not only was it well written but the photographs you shared were amazing! The two of you truly inspired me and made me look forward more enthusiastically to the same itinerary that I will be experiencing next month, almost at the same time as you did yours last year. I, too, love to travel and experience the world - having traveled to 67 countries on land-based tours as well as cruises. After 28 cruises, I have 'come out' (figuratively speaking, that is) and admitted to being addicted to cruising.

Again, thank you for sharing your thoughts on your travel adeventures which I enjoyed immensely. Reading your reviews inspired me to start my own journals - perhaps as a legacy to pass on to younger members of my family.

Here's to more travels and beautiful sailings!


01/30/2016, South America Cruise

Great images. What pocket camera did you use? What SLR?

Truly enjoyed your writing. It is complete enough that I do not need to make the trip myself... unfortunately, my wife does not agree, so I'm going this March.

Germany, 01/29/2016, South America Cruise

Wow. Thanks a lot for this great review. Absolutely loved reading it.
Only four weeks left and we will be on the plane to Santiago de Chile ... doing the Cruise around the Hoorn the other way round.

California, USA, 01/28/2016, South America Cruise

I found your review via a link on Cruise Critic. Thank you so much for your wonderful review and pictures. Our Around the Horn cruise is on Rhapsody of the Seas starting Feb 28 in Valparaiso. I'd appreciate if you could share the contact information for the driver/guide in Ushuaia. Looking forward to reading your other blogs/reviews.

Texas, USA, 01/21/2016, Holy Land Cruise

I have never read a better review or seen so many fabulous pictures Thank you so much for your time in doing this. We are off on the same ship in September for the France and Italy cruise. This will be our third time in Europe for a cruise. We love Europe and cruising. Thanks again.

UK, 01/10/2016, Eastern Med Cruise

Stumbled across your site after researching the Reflection (we have just booked on this same itinerary for 2017!) I am a budding photographer and love the photos you have captured! I was just wondering what lenses you use- I use a canon 100d with a 18-55mm and a 40mm lense and am looking to expand my collection! Can't wait to read through the rest of your reviews. :)

Atlanta, GA, USA, 01/06/2016, South America Cruise

I am going on this same cruise - but in reverse order in Dec 2017.  Someone posted a link on Cruise Critic to this review. So informative. 
Now I just need to wait 2 years to experience it myself.

Phoenix, AZ, USA, 01/04/2016, Eastern Med Cruise

Found this review/blog on a link from cruise critic when researching for our July 2016 cruise. Loved the narrative and the photos are outstanding. What type of camera do you have? I will definitely be reading about some of your other trips.

Anne & Joe
North Carolina, USA, 12/22/2015, Eastern Med Cruise

What a great review! Beautiful, stunning pictures and descriptive prose make me relive a wonderful cruise. Thanks for a really honest and complete review of a great trip.

Australia, 12/16/2015, Eastern Med Cruise

Awesome, doing a similiar cruise on Reflection June 2016, so thank you for taking the time to post.

New Jersey, USA, 12/16/2015, Eastern Med Cruise

Thanks so much for your excellent review. We will be sailing on a similar intinerary in Sept and look forward to some of the sites you have visited.

Evergreen, Colorado, USA, 11/29/2015, South America Cruise

Found the link to your travelogue on cruise critic and would like to thank you for an excellent narrative and awesome photos. We are cruising 1/17/16-1/31/16 in the opposite direction on the infinity. Your commentary now has as well prepared as can be expected and excited more than ever to complete this wonderful journey. Thanks again and hope to join you on facebook

Tucson, AZ, USA, 11/19/2015, South America Cruise

What a wonderful review/blog of your South American adventure.
By any chance could you pass along the contact information for Juan in Ushuaia, and the tour operator you used in Puerto Montt?

Many thanks,

11/17/2015, South America Cruise

Great review. Thank you so much. My wife and I head to Buenos Aires on Feb 26 and board the Star Princess for a similar itinerary.
Your review built our excitement and helped us to better prepare for our cruise.

Toronto, Canada, 11/13/2015, South America Cruise

I discovered your reviews through a friend on Cruise Critic and had to write to thank you for sharing your travel pictures and stories. We are planning a cruise and land trip to South America and your information is invaluable to us.

 Keep on travelling!

New York, USA, 10/10/2015

Good morning & again thank you for your efforts....and its great to read about your enjoyment of your adventures!

But please translate to English the remainder of your reviews...its too much of a tease to pull up the reviews & realize they are not in English!!!!
Thanks again & happy travels.
John in NYC.

California, USA, 10/01/2015, Norwegian Fjords Cruise

Discovered your review on Cruise Critic, and the link to this wonderful travel blog.

We are booked on the brand new Holland America ship Koningsdam for a Norwegian Fjords cruise this coming summer.
14-day Viking Sagas and Norse Legends. I am just beginning to do some research on the ports. I am interested in private excursions. If you used private guides, would you be willing to provide their names?

Your photos are spectacular and your writing style makes it very interesting to read your reviews.

Thank you!

California, USA, 09/25/2015

Wonderful report. Love the pictures and the writing. Very detailed, informative, and entertaining. Thanks for sharing.

Florida, USA, 09/17/2015

Amazing trip report with spectacular photos.

One question: Is it possible to walk from the ship to downtown Montevideo to catch the walking tours?


We have to take this cruise. Thank you very much for a wonderful report.


What an absolute brilliant review. Very informative, great photos and an enjoyable read. Well done to the author.

09/13/2015, South America Cruise

Your review of South America on the Infinity was amazing. We are taking that same cruise in January 2016 in reverse order.
I would appreciate it if you could send me the list of tour operators you used. We are taking the ships tour from Puerto Madryn to see the penguins in Punta Tombo by van. We also are doing the Best of Buenos Aires (ending at the airport) on the last day. We have arranged to be picked up at the airport by Leo Cuzmar (or one of his guides) in Santiago of Guides Chile...recommended on Cruise Critic. We are staying at the Santiago Marriott for two nights and have arranged a tour our second day and also hotel pick up & transfer to the cruise port with winery, Vina del Mar and Valparaiso with Leo. There are so many ports on this cruise and if possible, I would like to use some other tour operators instead of the ships.

Thanks for a great review and the list of tour operators in advance.



THANK YOU!!!!! I absolutely LOVED every minute of this review. We are going in August 2016 and while I knew it would be beautiful now I am beside myself. I just cannot wait!!!! Thanks again for all the information and wonderful pictures!!

Ontario, Canada, 09/11/2015

Thank you so much for this fantastic review of your cruise,and the beautiful pictures.I feel like I was on that cruise just imagining, my husband and will be doing a cruise like that in the near future .
Thank you again from Ontario Canada

Ontario, Canada, 09/11/2015

Thanks for the wonderful site sounds and photos of these gorgeous trips! We have yet to do Alaska and or India/Dubai (2017 we hope) and your trip reminiscences and pix really helped a lot!

Your love of travel and of one another is evident throughout your blog and we thank you for sharing...sure helps with our planning. We enjoyed your Around the Cape as we did the Antarctic with Celebrity. As well as Panama Canal (Just did land trip to (Machu Picchu) and Norway to name a few, as well as Caribbean so your photos brought back a lot of great memories - you truly capture the essence of these places.

Thanks again and Happy Sails and tours to you - we look forward to seeing more!

09/09/2015, Holy Land Cruise

Thank you so much for this excellent review of the 14 day Holy Land cruise aboard Celebrity Silhouette. It was so informative. The pictures were fantastic.

Can you please tell me what brand and model camera your reviewer used? My husband and I will be taking this tour in 26 days, so this has been an excellent resource for us. We are also looking for a versatile camera to purchase for our trip.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Warmest regards,

09/09/2015, South America Cruise

This was a fantastic review - probably the best one I have read - and I read a lot.
We are booked on Infinity in November for a Panama Canal cruise and I had several questions which you answered for me very nicely. Your pictures were superb. I have wanted to book this cruise and this makes me want to even more. We have also appreciated Milos on another cruise - he is tremendous.
Thank you

09/07/2015, Holy Land Cruise

What a perfect review. Thank you for taking the time to share your voyage with us.

09/07/2015, Holy Land Cruise

Oliver, just read your Holy Land report. In 2012 we did a land tour there and visited many places you did so your report brought back such good memories. On that trip we did Israel, Egypt an Jordan. So glad we did it then since the political climate now is so uncertain. PLEASE keep up writing and translating your reports. I'm hooked!!!!! I've given your web site to several friends so your fan club keeps

I'm still working on shore excursions for SA. We've been many places with seals and penguins that those excursions don't excite us like other people. I'm more interested in history, culture and landscape so I may have to be more creative in those ports. Have had knee replacement and that enters in the amount of walking I'd like to schedule. Thanks for all your hints!

Happy travels

09/04/2015, Holy Land Cruise

Loved reading your Holy Land review. My DH doesn't want to go to Israel so this was the next best thing.
Please continue to post your reviews in English.
Thanks !

Denise & Paul

Beautiful pictures and beautifully written. One of the very best reviews I've ever seen on CC.
Congratulations and thank you so very much.

09/01/2015, Norwegian Fjords Cruise

I thoroughly enjoyed your review of your Norwegian cruise. Your descriptions were very beautiful and informative. Your photos cannot be improved upon. They are as good as or better than any I have seen in any travel brochure. Gorgeous. I feel like I have been to Norway.
Thank you.


Beautiful pictures. Thoroughly enjoyed the adventure through your presentation.

08/30/2015, Norwegian Fjords Cruise

How beautiful. Thank you for sharing. We will certainly sail Norway someday. The pictures are breathtaking and your review is wonderful.

08/30/2015, Holy Land Cruise

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the review of your cruise. I never had any desire to go to israel, but your review made methink twice about this. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with others.

Jan Henrik
Norway, 08/27/2015, Norwegian Fjords Cruise

Great review. Now I have seen more of Norway then in real life.
Loved it!

New York, USA, 08/26/2015

Thank you so much for the translation to English of your reviews.

The reviews themselves are some of the best I have ever seen/read. I too love ships & cruises for many years now(since the 1970's). Your review of the South America cruise certainly peaked my interest in that cruise. The Holy Land review was also spectacular. You not only present your trips beautifully & well balanced but also give information that draws interest.

So I thank you again from New York City...hopefully one day we can share a toast & a few laughs onboard!

Bon Voyage

Kath & Peter
08/25/2015, Holy Land Cruise

The BEST review we've ever read! We enjoyed it all, especially that of your visit to the Holy Land. Thanks for sharing it all with us.

Kath & Peter

08/23/2015, Holy Land Cruise

One of the best reviews I've read! Wonderful, informative review with amazing photos. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this.

India, 08/23/2015, Holy Land Cruise

I loved reading your review, you are an incredible photographer and have a gift for writing. Thank you for sharing your amazing memories with us, we will be visiting many of the places you write about as we are sailing on the Connie on 23 Oct. and there were others like Athens and Mykonos and the Amalfi Coast that we saw last year with Princess on the Regal. You revived those memories and made us look forward to new ones.

Thanks again

08/23/2015, Holy Land Cruise

Thank you so much!

The review was fabulous and the pictures incredible! We are going on the Silhouette in Oct 2015 to Israel/Med B2B with the Transatlantic. It was great to have a preview of what we will be seeing. In Mykonos, we were planning to go to the island of Delos. After reading your review, we are now thinking about just wandering around as you did. It is so lovely.

You seem like such a nice couple. I hope we are on a cruise with you some day.

Christine & Bob
Australia, 08/22/2015, Holy Land Cruise

Hi Guys

Just read and looked at your very comprehensive trip report to the Holy Land. Your report we thought was absolutely sensational. It has really inspired us to do the same or a similar cruise on the beautiful Celebrity Silhouette. The ship and ports look supurb. We have cruised twice in the last few years in the Med on NCL ships however haven't done the Holy Land or haven't cruised with Celebrity before however really like the look of the S class ships. 

How did you feel in Juresalem. Did you guys feel safe staying and walking around there. Love history and particularly the old churches and religious history.

Thanks so much for your beautiful pics, really took us on your journey with you.

Best Regards Bob and Chris

08/22/2015, Holy Land Cruise

Thank you so much, I fully enjoyed your review and comments. It gives us a wonderful overview of what we will be experiencing on our cruise in October. Your description of each place was detailed and heartfelt.

I am Catholic and I can wait to experience Jerusalem and when I read your description and watch your footing I was so emotionally touched tears were running down my face. I hope I will experience all you have described. I absolutelyfind your pictures amazing. You are a great photographer and have a wonderful eye for the local flair of each place. Pictures are rich and clear thanks again.


PS. May I ask what kind of camera you were using and lenses?

Rhode Island, USA, 08/22/2015, Holy Land Cruise

I absolutely loved your review.

We sail on Silhouette in three weeks and you have made me even more excited about the trip. And I agree, every cruise we meet wonderful people who make the vacation so special. I just love your Oklahoma friend's idea of making "rocking chair memories". Will share with our family.

Thank you.

The picture of the volcano and clouds was my favorite. I will try to print a copy.

Texas, USA, 08/22/2015, Holy Land Cruise

Fantastic review, love the pics (especially the cats).

Thank you

08/21/2015, Holy Land Cruise

A huge thank you for this wonderful review from a fellow German cruise addict! Your pictures and narrative have been fantastic, and you had me laughing out loud with your story about the lovely Israeli rental car divas!

Same as you, I prefer cruising on American cruise lines, though have done two weeks on "Mein Schiff 1" with my parents. Currently very much looking forward to my very first cruise on X, sailing from Sydney to the South Pacific in December 2015. Can't wait!

Happy cruising!

Mumbai, India, 08/21/2015, Holy Land Cruise

What a fabulous review! We loved the pictures as well. Having cruised the Med 4 times, my wife and I were always wondering if it made sense to travel back there just to see Israel, which we haven't seen yet. Your wonderful review has almost ensured that we will be planning a Holy Land cruise. We also love Celebrity and Royal and we've never had a reason to try any other cruise line.

Thanks again for taking the time out and posting it on cruise critic as well. May you have many more rocking chair moments in the future.



Muray and Lorrie
08/20/2015, Holy Land Cruise

We are taking this cruise on the Silhouette on October 3rd. What a fantastic record of your travels. We will definitely be referring to this report over and over again.

New Zealand, 08/20/2015, Holy Land Cruise

This is the very BEST review I have ever read. Thank you so much.


08/20/2015, Holy Land Cruise

Amazing, thank's for taking your time, we are doing it on October 17 2015.

Thanks again,

Jerry and Patricia
Florida, USA, 08/20/2015, Holy Land Cruise

Hi, we live in Florida and have been on the same trip. We enjoyed the same ports, also stayed in Jerusalem overnight. Your pics cannot describe the amazing way you put the narrative and photos together. Photos you took are very detailed and visually beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

We love Celebrity. Many cruises with them and hoping for more.

08/20/2015, Holy Land Cruise

Wonderful review. We have been to the same ports except Jerusalem. Would love to go there because of your description.

We usually sail with Princess.

Judy & John
USA, 08/19/2015, Holy Land Cruise

I thoroughly enjoyed your detailed review. Wonderful photos with your words give an excellent description and feel for the places. Most of all, your upbeat, positive reactions contribute to the reading enjoyment. Like my wife Judy and I, you set out on your own to to get a better, more personal experience in many places, rather than coast along with the prepackaged experiences of the group tours.

We have not included the Holy Land in our future travel plans but your descriptions have us now thinking about it.

Given your rental car experience in Jerusalem, do you wish you had chosen a different travel method and will it influence you against being so independent in the future?

Illinois, USA, 08/17/2015, South America Cruise

Thanks for taking the time to craft this wonderful photo and video journal. You have inspired us to take this cruise in 2017.

We have been to Germany I think 8 times since 2003 when I picked up my car at the BMW factory in Munich and I was very surprised to see a German influence so far south in the Continent.

Thanks for the photos, particularly those in Buenos Aires which has a very European look in it's wide boulevards. The market photos made me hungry and the steaks looked delicious. Someday "Smelli-vision" will be invented...

The two guitarists in the street market were sublime musicians- passionate and soulful but being true to the composer.

I will return to this site to read all of your reviews.

I write my own photo/video reviews on Cruisecritic where my screen name is Bimmer09 (Bimmer is American slang for BMW cars). So far I have only done Princess Cruises but my first Celebrity (Silhouette) happens next January.

Can I ask which camera you were using? You can e mail me if necessary.

Thanks again- I appreciate all the effort that you put into sharing your incredible cruise with us.



Toronto, Canada, 08/13/2015, South America Cruise

This was a fantastic trip report and will help me convince my husband to take this cruise, which is on my “bucket list”.

Thank you for sharing your journey!

USA, 08/06/2015, South America Cruise

Wonderful review. I met my wife on the Infinity so it holds a special place for me.

Your report makes me consider this itinerary. Thanks.

USA, 08/04/2015, South America Cruise

Excellent! I felt like I was there with you. Loved all the pictures.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to write this great travel report.

Texas, USA, 08/03/2015, South America Cruise

It's an excellent travel review and made me want to go on this cruise but won't till 2017 because I have already booked a cruise to Ireland & Iceland in May next year and also looking to go to Northern Japan in end of July next year.

Thanks again for your great review,


Kentucky, USA, 08/02/2015, South America Cruise

Did we like your report??? NO...we loved it!!!!!We have the same SA trip booked for Jan. 3, 16 in Aqua cabin.(what cabin did you have?) We had some doubts about the cruise and were ready to cancel and then we read your report. (3 times). Now we are very excited. Your photos are awesome and your descriptions stir our enthusiasm. Thank you so much for sharing this report with us.

I hope you don't mind if I have some questions. Did you consider a pre trip to Iguazu Falls? We think that we want to do that but don't know how to make arrangements. We have Etoile Hotel in Recoleta booked beginning Dec. 30 giving us 2 days to go to the Falls and time to tour Buenos Aires before boarding the ship on Jan. 3. I don't have any shore excursions booked yet. We really like private ones but also do ship excursions. How did you book Juan in Ushuaia and what private tour company in Porto Monte? Did you need a reservation for the walking tour in Montevideo? How long did it last? Is it possible to get off the ship and find a tour to pick up without a reservation? How did you get an invitation to the ship's galley tour? Forgive so many questions! We are older travelers (80 and 73) so I like to have plans in place. We've traveled a lot but I still need help with this trip.

Thank you!

Estelle & Preston
New York, USA, 08/01/2015, South America Cruise

Thank you so much for your beautiful photos and interesting descriptions.

We are planning to do this trip this coming March and your report was very helpful. We would appreciate knowing which companies you used for your excursions.

Thanks again.

Florida, USA, 08/01/2015, South America Cruise

Thank you so very much. This is a wonderful pictorial review and the commentary is equally wonderful. We are schedule for 1/3/16 and have been considering cancelling until now and you have changed that.

I am interested in knowing contact information for those guides and tours you found to be more than just adequate. I have for 2 decades booked independent tours as opposed to the masses on buses that all the ships use.

I am now rather late to the party to being planning but hopefully will still find some of your guides/tours available. If I can see the scenery from the same perspective your camera found it I will be ecstatic!

Thank for doing what you do and I am looking forward to looking at your photos of other trips.


USA, 07/31/2015, South America Cruise

Thank you so much for the lovely photos and fabulous text of your South America sailing on the Infinity. We are doing the identical trip in 2017. (Separated by two more cruises on Azamara. We just got off the Baltic Cruise on the Eclipse.) You made your journey really come alive and reminded me with great detail what I love about the experience of traveling on a ship for a vacation.

I have no criticism of any of it ... although, as much as I love eating off the back of the ship, I think you missed the boat (haha) by not having breakfast in Blu. We love the Blu breakfast. (On the other hand, on our Baltic trip we splurged for a suite and it came with Luminae, the new suite restaurant that blows Blu out of the water (haha again). We have been sailing in Aqua class since its inception and love Blu but Luminae is incredibly good and much better than Blu.

Celebrity has a very good product!

Thank you again.

New Jersey, USA, 07/31/2015, South America Cruise

Wonderful review...I felt I was traveling with you. Now I want to book this particular cruise,though several of your ports are the same as on my upcoming Antarctic cruise.

I hope to run into you both on one of my cruises one day.


Christine & Bob
Australia, 07/30/2015, South America Cruise

Hi Guys!

Bob and Christine calling from the Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA. Just read your blog of the South American cruise with Celebrity. Thoroughly enjoyed your narrative and spectacular pics. I think you have now convinced us to go on this cruise. We have cruised in the Med for our last 2 cruises, however after seeing your wonderful cruise I think we are sold on this one.

What we like about this cruise as it appears to be entirely different from anything else.

Regards Bob and Chris

07/29/2015, South America Cruise

Really enjoyed your report! Mostly I appreciated your positive attitude. When things don't go as planned, and they very often don't, you just have to come up with alternatives and keep smiling. Unfortunately so many people are unable to do that. You and your wife have that down pat!

Thanks again for the beautiful pictures. My husband and I are planning on doing this cruise in a few years. You are making me think we should do it sooner.

Nelda & Ken
Oklahoma, USA, 07/27/2015, South America Cruise

WOW! What a beautiful presentation of photographs and "doing the English language proud!"

Wish we could've been with you two on this trip. We will just have to suffer in Copenhagen, Oslo and the Faroe Islands before beating you to Iceland this summer.

Stay in touch and we might see you in the future.


UK, 07/27/2015, South America Cruise

Great review with fabulous pictures. Your time investment has been all worthwhile and is much appreciated.

Thank you.


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