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On Celebrity Millennium 2017

That’s why we, Birgit and Oliver, didn’t have to think long and hard about a suitable name for this site, where we want to tell you about our travels and share  our enthusiasm and experiences with you. Also, since we met when we were travelling (as seat neighbors on a flight from New York in 2009), no other name seemed to really qualify.

His passion for ships has been with Oliver ever since his youth; his passion for photography re-surfaced during our travels together. Around that time he also began posting reviews of our trips with many of his photos on a German-speaking cruise forum. Over time writing the travelogues has become another passion of his. A lot of work goes into the photos and reviews. So we are quite proud that some of the reviews have even been published by the cruise lines and thereby shared with a wider audience.

Birgit, who never as much as dreamt of going on a cruise, has meanwhile confirmed how easy it is to get hooked.

Since his childhood, Oliver has always had a close bond with Miami, and he shares a long history with Sunny Isles, north of Miami Beach. This makes Miami a second home to him and to us. Besides other places, Birgit lived in London for 6 years and claims her heart beats English. From both worlds we have maintained close friendships, which is why we always feel at home in an English speaking environment and have a particular liking for it.

Therefore, when we cruise, we only travel with American cruise lines and keep meeting new people from other parts of the world. The idea for this website was born from our desire to also share our experiences with our English speaking friends, old and new, and the idea to also provide the travel reviews in English language.

The reviews and, above all, the photos are Oliver’s work, backed by Birgit - except for too much ship technology or Eggs Benedict and sausages for breakfast. The English translations are Birgit’s work backed by Oliver – expcept on the odd occasion when her “British English” is too much for his American ears.

By publishing our travel reviews we seek to take you with us on some of our beautiful journeys and hope that you find some ideas and suggestions for your own travel arrangements. It is our goal that our narratives are entertaining and make you want to read on, but also that they provide you with useful tips and information you might find helpful.

We hope we can manage both!


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