Hotel Castello Lake Front & Living Suites

Malcesine, Lago di Garda, Italy - August 2020

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General Impression

The moment we were greeted by the smiling eyes (above the mandatory face mask) of a very friendly receptionist, we knew we would like the place. After seeing the modern room with a gorgeous lake view, we knew we wouldn’t just like it but love it.

The hotel is right on the lake and has a private garden and beach. Located under the guarding tower of Malcesine’s castle the location is ideal. A few steps take you into the picturesque old town with an endless choice of lakefront restaurants and gelaterias.

If there had been any doubt about the choice of hotel after the positive impression during our arrival - and just to be clear: there wasn’t! - it would have evaporated during breakfast.

The Celebrity cruisers among you probably can’t help but smile learning the name of the breakfast venue is Al Bacio. And it does the name proud! Not only was the coffee excellent but the quality and choice of juices, cereals, local cheeses, cakes and even desserts was outstanding. Friendly service did the rest.

Good to know at the moment: although hard to see on the photos, tables are set apart more than just the required distance. As can be seen on the photos, masks are worn at the buffet and the windowfront was completely open, not only presenting a great view but also allowing for plenty of fresh air. We felt very comfortable and safe.

Address & Website

Hotel Castello Lake Front & Ling Suites, Via Paina, 21, 37018 Malcesine VR, Italy


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