Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan - October 2017

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We stayed at the Metropolitan Marunouchi before our Japan cruise in October 2017.

The hotel is located in the top floors of Sapia Tower, one of the corner buildings of Tokyo Station. One of the exits of the station´s underground maze of shops, restaurants and platforms leads right to the entrance of the tower. From there you take the elevator to the 27th floor to reach the lobby of the hotel. The modern and comfortable design makes it a nice place to come home to after exploring the fascinating city of Tokyo. And if you still don´t have enough of the city, book a room with a view as we did.

Our room was clean, modern and offered great views of the city and the bullet trains going in and out of the station far below. If you wanted to, you could even soak in the view while soaking in the bathtub. Of course the bathroom was equipped with one of the Japanese high-tech toilets. These sophisticated appliances provide users with a wide variety of functions, including heated seats, warm water jets etc. - so even going to the bathroom is an adventure.

The breakfast buffet was good. For my taste it was leaning a bit too far to an Asian taste but Birgit loved to explore the items on the buffet. The breakfast room was modern and also offered great views.


Excellent! The hotel is directly connected to Tokyo Station and only a one-minute walk from the Shinkansen Nihonbashi exit. Trains, subways etc. are easily accessible. Located in central Tokyo, it is surrounded by many appealing  attractions including the historic Imperial Palace and the Ginza shopping district.

Address & Website

Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Marunouchi, 1-7-12 Marunouchi Chiyoda, Tokyo Japan, 100-0005, +81 3 3211 2233


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