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Part 10 - At Sea

001-Stripe-At Sea

Part 10 - At Sea

The following sea day is quickly told, as it was as quiet and relaxing as a sea day can be.

After our usual routine of a copious breakfast and a little workout, Birgit enjoyed the sun on deck and I strolled a little around the ship to take photos. E. g. This one of the new “Sushi on Five”, which has replaced the “Bistro on Five”.

01- Constellation Sushi on Five

02- Constellation Sushi on Five


On my tour I came past the Sky Lounge, where a lecture on our next destiantions had started. I stayed a while and listened to the speaker.

03- Constellation Sky Lounge


Of course, as usual, I was drawn to the Future Cruise Sales Office. However, this time we resisted the temptation to book a new trip on board, as we already had another visit of the Constellation in March to look forward to.

04- Constellation Future Cruise Sales


The Ocean View Café also had something special on offer today. A chocolate fountain magically attracted the guests. I couldn’t just leave it at taking photos of it, either – this was a temptation I couldn’t resist.

05- Constellation Ocean View Cafe

06- Constellation Ocean View Cafe

07- Constellation Ocean View Cafe


The evening was „Evening Chic“. This more casual dress code has replaced the formal night. Although formal clothing is no longer required, most of the passengers still enjoyed dressing up. At Blu, the evening was given a special touch by putting lobster on the menu.

08- Constellation Blu Menu


Meanwhile, the string duo entertained the guests at the Cellar Masters.

09- Constellation Cellar Masters


After dinner we went to the Sky Lounge and bumped into two lovely friends from Wales, whom we had met at Blu at the table next to us a few days before. We all had a nice evening with good music and delicious drinks.


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