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Part 2 - Embarkation in Venice


Part 2 - Embarkation, Venice

The next morning, the time of our cruise had come, at last. As usual, we wanted to be at the ship around noon. So we took our time to enjoy a typical Italian breakfast  at the hotel. Whether it’s real, our imagination or simply the vacation mood - Italian cappuccino is simply the best. And it was served by very friendly hotel staff.

01-Ca Nigra Venice Breakfast

02-Ca Nigra Venice Breakfast


After breakfast, we still had plenty of time left, so we took another walk along the canal to a piazza not far from the hotel, which we had crossed on our walks the day before.

03-Venice Santa Groce

04-Venice Santa Groce


We sat down in one of the cafés, ordered another cappuccino and watched the world go by as the area was waking up. Some Italian ladies sat down at the table next to ours trading the latest news over a coffee, while others were crossing the square on their way to work.

05-Venice Campo San Stin

06-Venice Campo San Stin

07-Venice Campo San Stin


Around 11 am we went back to our hotel. We stopped at a little supermarket along the canal to buy a few things we had forgotten at home, and then we picked up our suitcases from the hotel and said goodbye to the friendly man at the front desk.


09-Venice Supermarket

10-Venice Painter


To get to the ship, we had to take the same way we had come the day before. Back across the large bridge at the train station and from there across the glass bridge towards Piazzale Roma. If you feel that the two large bridges are too hard to manage with your luggage, you can also take the little alleys of Santa Croce directly so you only have to cross two small bridges. No matter which way you go, it’s a matter of about 10 to 15 minutes.

In the south-western corner of the square, not far from the stop of the express buses, there is an entrance which looks like the access to a car park. Above it is a large sign with the red inscription “People Mover”. This driverless train takes you to the port for EUR 1.50. The following picture shows the incoming train on the right and our ship on the left.

11- Venice People Mover


From the train terminus we walked another 5 minutes to the terminal (500 m). Check-in was swift, and we soon boarded the Constellation, where we were greeted with a glass of champagne.

As usual, we first went to the outer deck of the Ocean View Café first. We had hardly sat down and grabbed a bite to eat, when they already announced that the staterooms were ready.

We had booked Aqua Class on deck 11 again, but this time an aft cabin with a larger balcony (1133). We liked the bright and pleasant decor and immediately felt at home.

13- AQ Stateroom 1133 Celebrity Constellation

14-AQ Stateroom 1133 Celebrity Constellation

16-AQ Stateroom 1133 Celebrity Constellation

17-AQ Stateroom 1133 Celebrity Constellation


The bed was already covered with various greeting letters, the bag with the lip balm, card holder, slippers and beach bag as well as the day’s program.

15-AQ Stateroom 1133 Celebrity Constellation


It didn’t take long, and our stateroom attendant knocked on our door to introduce himself. He already had one of our suitcases in tow. The other one followed not much later, so we were able to settle in quite early.

After the obligatory muster drill we took our drinks and went to the sun deck above our stateroom to enjoy the sailaway from there. It was still completely empty and we basically had box seats in two comfy lounge chairs directly by the rail (which we moved back, of course, as soon as it started filling up.)

18- Sailaway Venice


The following pictures probably speak for themselves. We had heard a lot about sailaways from Venice, including some controversy, but little can describe the sight and the feeling you get as you pass by this beautiful city shining in the afternoon sun.

19-Sailaway Venice

20-Sailaway Venice

24-Sailaway Venice

25-Sailaway Venice


Many people were lining St. Mark’s square waving at the Constellation, and some excursion boats sailed alongside the ship as the guests of the ships cheered and waved at each other.

27-Sailaway Venice

28-Sailaway Venice


Each sailaway is something special. Mostly you have been eagerly looking forward to a trip which is finally about to begin, you are happy and in vacation spirits... but the sailaway from the lagoon city is yet something completely different. We agree with all those who say that it is something one should experience at least once.



After we had left the main part behind us and passed beyond St. Mark’s Square, we returned to our stateroom one deck below and spent some time on our balcony to enjoy the rest from there.

30-Sailaway Venice

32 - Sailaway Venice


In the evening we got ready for dinner at Blu. We got a very pleasant waiter straight away, who, once again, spoiled us far too much. In addition, our bubbly bar server from Serbia with her inimitable cheeky-cheerful personality ensured that our glasses were never empty. This is exactly what we had been looking forward to since our last cruise.

33 BLU Retaurant Constellation


We ended the day with a drink at the Reflections Lounge. We were happy to be at sea again but soon followed the call of the comfy cushions in our room.

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