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Part 5 - Dubrovnik, Croatia - Day 2


Part 5 - Dubrovnik, Day 2

This morning we got up early as we wanted to be in Dubrovnik’s old town before the big rush. We met our friends Judith and Stuart in the lobby and just grabbed a cab directly from the ship. The fixed rate of EUR 13.00 for the ride to the old town was already marked on a big sign above the taxi stand.

01 - Dubrovnik Cruise Port


The driver took us direclty to the square in front of the Pile gate. The rush the day before already hadn’t been as great as we had feared, but this morning it was even completely empty. So we entered the old town very relaxed and almost alone.

02- Dubrovnik Old Town

04- Dubrovnik Old Town

05- Dubrovnik Old Town Onofrio Fountain


First of all we walked along the Placa/Stradun promenade. Here, as well as in the side streets, hardly any tourists were to be seen this early in the morning and only a few locals were there starting their day.

06- Dubrovnik Old Town Stradun Placa

07- Dubrovnik Old Town

08- Dubrovnik Old Town


A market selling local produce was being set up on Luza Square in front of the bell tower of Sveti Vlaho church.

10- Dubrovnik Old Town Clock Tower

09- Dubrovnik Old Town Sveti Vlaho

12- Dubrovnik Old Town Market


Knight Orlando (aka Roland) was watching the morning bustle from a column on the square. According to legend, he helped to free Dubrovnik from the dangerous siege of Arab pirates in the 8th century.

11- Dubrovnik Old Town Orlando

14- Dubrovnik Old Town Sveti Vlaho

13- Dubrovnik Old Town Fountain


At the three arches of the arsenal by the old port it was just as quiet as in the old town. The excursion boats, which passengers had boarded and unboarded the day before, were still moored at the pier, and some merchants were supplying restaurants with fresh goods.

17- Dubrovnik Old Town Arsenal

18- Dubrovnik Old Town Old Port

19- Dubrovnik Old Town Old Port


The four-legged residents were awaiting the visitors in front of the Rector’s Palace – probably hoping for something tasty.

20 Dubrovnik Old Town Cats

22- Dubrovnik Old Town Rector Palace

23- Dubrovnik Old Town Rector Palace

24- Dubrovnik Old Town Rector Palace


We returned to the Pile Gate via Gundulic square with the statue of the poet, and along the little alleys through which we had come the previous day.

25- Dubrovnik Old Town Gundulic Square

26- Dubrovnik Old Town

27- Dubrovnik Old Town


Photographers at work…

28- Dubrovnik Old Town

29- Dubrovnik Old Town

30- Dubrovnik Old Town Cats


Now and again we saw posters and signs on the walls of renovated houses, which brought to mind the conditions during the war.

31- Dubrovnik Old Town

32- Dubrovnik Old Town

33- Dubrovnik Old Town


The traces of shrapnel impacts on the wall of the Church of the Redeemer in front of the large Onofrio fountain are another reminder of this period.

34- Dubrovnik Old Town Onofrio Fountain

35- Dubrovnik Old Town


This was also the entrance to the walk of the city walls. At this time, the onslought wasn’t particularly great. From the top of the wall, however, we could see that more and more tourists were coming through the gate into town, and we were pleased to have started our visit so early.

36- Dubrovnik Old Town Onofrio Fountain

37- Dubrovnik Old Town Stradun


From here we started our walk of the city walls, level with the city’s tiled roofs. The different colors of the tiles were indicators of which roofs had been damaged during the war and subsequently restored, and which of them still carried their original, faded tiles.

38- Dubrovnik Old Town Croatian Flag

39- Dubrovnik Old Town

40- Dubrovnik Old Town

41- Dubrovnik Old Town



On the side facing the sea, the wall proceted the city from potential dangers that could have come from the deep blue Adriatic sea. These days, however, those pirate ships were merely manned by tourists and relatively harmless.

42- Dubrovnik Old Town Wall

43- Dubrovnik Old Town Wall

44- Wall

44a- Dubrovnik Old Town Ship


Since the wall also led directly past some houses, we were able to catch some interesting views from above of the gardens and balconies of their inhabitants.

45- Dubrovnik Old Town Garden

46- Dubrovnik Old Town Garden

48- Dubrovnik Old Town Balcony

49- Dubrovnik Old Town Wall

50- Dubrovnik Old Town Bell Tower


Soon we had reached the eastern end of the old town, from where we had another great view of the three arches of the arsenal and the port.

51- Dubrovnik Old Town Old Port

52- Dubrovnik Old Town Old Port


Of course, we also saw a few spots which had served as a backdrop in the series Game of Thrones.

53- Dubrovnik Old Town Stairs

54- Dubrovnik Old Town


After this point, the walk climbed again. Instead of looking at the blue sea, we now looked at a sea of red tiled roofs.

55- Dubrovnik Old Town

56- Dubrovnik Old Town Roofs

57- Dubrovnik Old Town

60- Dubrovnik Old Town Roofs


After about an hour, we had reached the western end near the big watchtower of the city walls, and, therefore, our starting point. The Minceta Tower with its magnificent stone crown has dominated the city for centuries.

63- Dubrovnik Old Town

64- Dubrovnik Old Town

65- Dubrovnik Old Town

62-Dubrovnik Old Town


In the meantime, the alleys below us had filled up with more visitors eager to explore the town.

66- Dubrovnik Old Town Stradun

67- Dubrovnik Old Town Onofrio



We met with Judith and Stuart at a café near the Onofrio fountain, and after a coffee and beer break returned to the ship.

68-Dubrovnik Old Town Onofrio Fountain


For our return, we had bought tickets at a kiosk and took one of the public buses, which also left from the square in front of the gate. We got off at the stop near the harbor gate and walked the rest of the way to the ship.

69- Dubrovnik Cruise Port


We spent a leisurely afternoon on the ship. The Vision of the Seas, docked behind us, left in the early evening, and we followed not much later.

70- Dubrovnik Vision of the Seas

71- Dubrovnik Cruise Port

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