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Part 3 - Oslo


Part 3 - Oslo


In the morning, Oslo greeted us with cloudy weather and a light drizzle. So there it was, the apparently typical Norwegian weather for which we had prepared ourselves. We still were to think this was true...

Prior to the cruise, we had booked the afternoon „City Walking tour“ on the internet. This meant that we weren’t in a rush and Birgit could attend the yoga class in the morning while I tortured myself on the machines in the gym. In turn, the following breakfast at the Windjammer Cafe tasted even better without a guilty conscience.

After breakfast we frittered away our time with a little walk to Akershus Fortress, which was only a stone’s throw away. The fortress was built around 1300 and converted into a Renaissance castle by King Christian V in 1640. Used as a prison in the meantime, these days the halls of the Fortress are used by the Norwegian government for representative purposes.

Meanwhile, the clouds had disappeared and the sun had come through, which was obviously ideal for the photos.

These photos of the Fortress and the view of the city hall were taken from the veranda of our stateroom, which shows how close “to the action” we were anchoring.




After we enjoyed a good lunch from the buffet, we met our tour guide on the pier in front of the ship and started our walking tour. First of all we learned that the original Oso was burnt down in 1624 and subsequently, as part of the reconstruction, moved closer to the fortress by the Danish King Christian (at the time Norway was under Danish rule). Apparently he wanted to build a city based on his ideas and called it Christiania. A monument in the city symbolically remembers the king’s hint on the map. In 1925, Oslo got back its original name.



From the monument we continued towards Oslo’s Town Hall, which from the outside isn’t very attractive. The Town Hall is where the annual award of the Nobel Peace Prize takes place.



The great hall inside is decorated with multicolored frescoes representing the Norwegian people and the events during the German occupation.



Outside again, we diligently obediently followed our guide past the National Theater and beautiful parks towards the parliament building. Along the way he gave us all sorts of interesting information on Olso’s history and today’s life in the city.




Outside the beautiful parliament building he told us something about the parliament and the founding of the state. It is easy to forget that the state of Norway with its establishment in 1905 is a relatively young state. 



Since it had turned really hot and sunny in the meantime, our next Stop at Oslo’s ice Bar was more than welcome. Wrapped in thick ponchos we took a cool drink in the truest sense of the word. Walls, glasses and furniture were all completely made of ice and included true works of art. Atmospheric lighting and chilled music set the scene.





Sufficiently cooled down, we made our way back to the ship and walked past the royal palace and beautiful squares right on the water.




From the hill of the fortress and its walls we enjoyed some more beautiful views of Oslo lit by the afternoon sun.





With a mix of inner joy about a magnificent, relaxed day and pleasant anticipation of the next destination we set sail again. Fjords, here we come... 



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