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Part 8 - Rhodes



Rhodes was one of the two ports that were added due to the change of itinerary. We didn’t mind, as the year before we had much enjoyed the city of Rhodes with its medieval walls and streets dating back to the age of chivalry. Also, after all the days of sightseeing we found it relaxing to visit a place where we could just walk around and enjoy the beautiful things along the way. Linda and Pete joined us again, so we enjoyed good company on top.

Last year I had downloaded and printed a map for a walking tour from www.tomsportguides.com. The tour was ideal to be repeated with our friends.

358 Rhodes Map


After breakfast we walked from the cruise port along the bay towards the ancient port of Mandraki, following the impressive city walls and past the Marine Gate.

01 Rhodes Dolphin Monument

02 Rhodes Marine Gate

06 Rhodes Boats


We found the colorful fishing boat again, which sold sponges, clams, wind chimes and all sorts of odds and ends, which looked so beautiful on a photo.

03 Rhodes Shell Shop

04 Rhodes Sponges

05 Rhodes Shells


Along the many piers with tour boats offering trips to Lindos, snorkeling excursions or tours on glass bottom boats, we reached the ancient port of Mandraki. Accoring to legend, this is where the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, is said to have stood. Nowadays, the spot at the port entrance is marked by the statues of a stag and a doe - Elafos and Elafina, the animals on the emblem of Rhodes.

07 Rhodes Mandraki Harbour


At the port you can’t miss the magnificently decorated Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist (Evangelismos), where we stopped for a brief visit.

09 Rhodes Evangelismos Church

08 Rhodes Evangelismos Church


On the opposite side of the promenade we walked back towards the old town and came past the „New Market“ Nea Agora. The building of the new market looks like a mosque and hosts various stalls and shops as well as restaurants, cafes and taverns.

12 Rhodes Nea Agora New Market

11 Rhodes Nea Agora New Market


Through the „Liberty Gate“ we entered the old town and, like last year, felt like entering a different era.

13 Rhodes Eleftherias Gate

14 Rhodes Eleftherias Gate

16 Rhodes Old Town

15 Rhodes Old Town


Even today, the pebble-paved streets and the houses with their thick stone walls give you the impression of being in a medieval castle.

17 Rhodes Old Town


From here, the Street of the Knights runs in a straight line all the way to the Grandmaster's Palace.

18 Rhodes Street of the Knights


Located to the left and right are the lodges or inns of the various „tongues“ of the knight’s orders, decorated with the coats of arms of the Grandmasters. These inns were a place to stay for Knights of St. John from other parts of Europe when visiting the Grandmaster’s Palace. The term “tongue” describes the seven administrative units of the Order of the Knights of St. John: Provence, France, Auvergne, England, Aragon, Italy and Germany. The Street of the Knights is the only late medieval residential street in Europe, which has been fully preserved.

It is always worthwhile taking a look at the little courtyards and the many small details on the walls and doors.

21 Rhodes Street of the Knights

19 Rhodes Street of the Knights

22 Rhodes Street of the Knights

20 Rhodes Street of the Knights

24 Rhodes Street of the Knights


At the end of the street we reached the Palace of the Grandmaster, now home to the Archaeological Museum.

26 Rhodes Grandmaster Palace

27 Rhodes Grandmaster Palace

28 Rhodes Grandmaster Palace


Behind the Palace lies Opheus Street with its many shops and taverns. An ideal spot for us to have a break and a cold drink.

31 Rhodes Orpheus Street

29 Rhodes Grandmaster Palace


Refreshed, we continued on our way past the bell tower towards the Turkish Library. This building dates back to the 18th century and offers an exhibition of numerous Turkish, Persian and Arabic manuscripts and books, including, among others, Koran manuscripts from the 15th/16th century.

32 Rhodes Clock Tower

35 Rhodes Turkish Library

34 Rhodes Turkish Library

36 Rhodes Turkish Library

37 Rhodes Turkish Library


Through the alleyways with beautiful details we reached the St. Athanasios Gate, through which we left the old town.

41 Rhodes Old Town

42 Rhodes Old Town

43 Rhodes Old Town

44 Rhodes St. Athanasios Gate

47 Rhodes St. Athanasios Gate


We followed the mighty city walls on the outside as far as the next gate, through which we  re-entered the old town. It takes various bridges and gates until you are actually inside, which is an impressive demonstration of how much effort the Knights had put into their protection against the Turkish enemy at the time.

48 Rhodes St. Johns Gate

49 Rhodes St. Johns Gate

50 Rhodes St. Johns Gate


This part of the town of Rhodes is less touristy but just as beautiful: narrow alleys, residential houses, a few shops and taverns.

51 Rhodes Old Town

52 Rhodes Old Town

53 Rhodes Old Town

54 Rhodes Old Town


Via Pythagoras Street we finally reached Hippocrates Square with its Owl Fountain and many restaurant terraces on the upper floors.

59 Hippokrates Square Rhodes

57 Hippokrates Square Rhodes

58 Hippokrates Square Rhodes


At the Archipelagos restaurant we found a table with an excellent view of the lively square and enjoyed lunch break with delicious Greek food. We had a lot of fun again, and time went by far too quickly.

55 Hippokrates Square Rhodes Archipelagos Restaurant

56 Hippokrates Square Rhodes Archipelagos Restaurant


After our leisurely lunch break, we continued without any hurry on the road past the seahorse fountain at the end of which we came across the ruins of Panagia tou Brougou church from the 14th century.

60 Rhodes Seahorse Fountain

61 Panagia tou Bourgou


At the gate of the Virgin Mary we left the old town and ended our tour. At the beach in front of it, Birgit and Linda wanted to dip their feet in the sea. In water, the women cut a better figure, but in port Pete was the knight in shining armor...

63 Rhodes Beach

64 Knight of Rhodes


It goes without saying that we remained loyal to our daily routine and enjoyed the Sail Away at the Sunset Bar and met again at the Sky Lounge after dinner. When we were on our way to bed, we passed the Solarium which had been turned into a Miami Beach style night club. But even the mermaids in the pool couldn’t keep us from our bed rest so well deserved after all the walking we had done that day.

66 Celebrity Reflection Dance Night

67 Celebrity Reflection Dance Night

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