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and those who do not travel read only one page.

Augustinus Aurelius

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Stories of our last journeys


After our first cruise to this beautiful country, Japan had us under its spell. Returning to see more and seeing the famous Cherry Blossom season with our own eyes had become a must do on our bucket list. 

Join us and be part of an unforgettable journey!

Millennium - Japan

From Tokyo as a mega metropolis via ornate temples and beautiful gardens to the friendliness of its people - we were fascinated by Japan. We were enchanted by its beauty  and fell in love with it.

Travel with us to the land of the rising sun and find out why ...

Constellation - Dubrovnik

This trip took us from the amazing city of gondolas and lagoons via the island of the Templars to the magnificent Dalmatian Coast.

Come with us and visit beautiful landscapes, historical structures and medieval old towns around the Adriatic.


Read about our cruise to the far north. A cruise dominated by the unique and sometimes almost unreal and bizzare landscapes of Iceland.

Roaring waterfalls, deep fjords, boiling mud and geysirs shooting into the sky... come and see for yourself!


A great ship, beautiful destinations, outstanding service and incredibly nice people – in short, a perfect cruise at the end of which we had the sad feeling of having to leave friends and family behind.

A trip characterized by the picture perfect scenery of Greek islands and ancient sites.


South America - Cruise on the Celebrity Infinity - March 2015

Rounding Cape Horn like the ancient seafarers, metropolises with flair, breath-taking landscapes and the end of the world... unforgettable!

For our report on a beautiful trip from Buenos Aires to Valparaiso on the Celebrity Infinity click here ...




Special Moments

Moments we will always remember...

Every journey has its special moments. Events or situations that take a special place in our memory. Be it a romantic sunset, a delicious meal in a beautiful restaurant or simply the sight of breath-taking landscapes; all these are moments we remember first when we look back on a trip... Memories, in which we always love to get lost.


Sunday morning in Buenos Aires, Argentina... The streets of San Telmo were lined with the stalls of an antiques and flea market. Tourists and locals alike spent the morning strolling along the colorful merchandise and chatted with the vendors.

We were sitting on famous Plaza Dorrego, at the equally famous Cafe Dorrego and enjoyed the morning with beautiful music performed by a group of street musicians... and then they played the “Concierto de Aranjuez”. Even today I get goosebumps thinking of it.


Icy Strait Point, Alaska... Together with four other adventurous passengers we joined our very personable Captain Colleen, who took us out into the sound to look for whales. It didn’t take long until we found an extremely playful animal, which for some 30 minutes put on a show just for us.

This moment will remain in my memory forever. The sight of this heavy, and yet extremely graceful animal, coupled with the thought of  how much we humans already destroyed on this planet, filled me with awe and sadness at the same time. 


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