Part 8 - At Sea - Disembarkation

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At Sea

Without the time constraints of a port visit, we decided to use this sea day for a breakfast at the main dining room. Besides the various à la carte offerings, there was also a reduced version of a buffet, but it left nothing to be desired. I took the opportunity to have my beloved Eggs Benedict – yummy!

186 Liberty of the Seas MDR Breakfast

188 Liberty of the Seas MDR Breakfast


From the 12 bottles of the wine package we had pre-booked, we still had 3 bottles left. We decided to have a bottle of champange from this package with our breakfast but slightly confused the waiter with this request. Apparently, this wasn’t part of the concept, which seemed to be the reason why he didn’t have access to the wine cellar in the morning. However, he sent an assistant waiter to find a bottle at one of the bars and even managed to give the champagne glasses a quick chill on ice before they arrived at our table. Even with this rather unusual request we enjoyed the usual swift, friendly and very flexible service – kudos to the staff!

A day at sea is usually my preferred time to go on a photo tour of the ship. The photos below show you the result and give you an impression of the beautiful Liberty of the Seas.

The aft atrium

189 Liberty of the Seas Promenade

190 Liberty of the Seas Promenade

191 Liberty of the Seas Promenade


The Royal Promenade

192 Liberty of the Seas Royal Promenade

193 Liberty of the Seas Royal Promenade

194 Liberty of the Seas Royal Promenade

195 Liberty of the Seas Royal Promenade

196 Liberty of the Seas Royal Promenade

197 Liberty of the Seas Royal Promenade


The forward atrium

198 Liberty of the Seas Royal Promenade


Viking Crown Lounge

199 Liberty of the Seas Viking Crown


Flow Rider

200 Liberty of the Seas Flow Rider


Solarium Pool

202 Liberty of the Seas Solarium


Main pool and pool bars

203 Liberty of the Seas Pool Bar

204 Liberty of the Seas Pool Area


H2O-Zone for Kids

205 Liberty of the Seas H2O

206 Liberty of the Seas H2O Zone


Johnny Rockets

207 Liberty of the Seas Johnny Rockets


The main dining room

026 Liberty of the Seas Dining Room


Some impressions by night

208 Liberty of the Seas

209 Liberty of the Seas Viking Crown Lounge

210 Liberty of the Seas Solarium Pool night

211 Liberty of the Seas Pool night


Barcelona / Return trip

All good things... The next morning it was all over, and we woke up in Barcelona.

212 Port of Barcelona


Once again, we were sharing the busy port with other cruise ships - the Celebrity Equinox, Ibero Cruceros Grand Holiday, NCL Epic and the Oceania Nautica had already docked, and an Aida ship was just turning in the front harbor basin. For many passengers of those ships, like for us, hopefully beautiful journeys came to an end.

214a Port of Barcelona


Our flight was to leave shortly after noon, so we left the ship around 9.00 am. At the taxi stand there was an extremely long queue, which went back and forth again. Hildegard with her wheels and Helmut waited at the entrance, while Birgit and I joined the queue.

After some 45 minutes, we hadn’t event put 1/3 of the queue behind us. New cabs only arrived very irregularly, so this could take very long. And it could get tight!

Eventually I ran towards a cab which had just arrived and dropped off new passengers. I asked the driver whether he could take us. Regretfully he explained that he’d be in for a EUR 800 fine if he let us get on straight away, pointing to a policeman at the taxi stand. I asked him to wait a minute and went to the policeman to ask him whether he’d allow us to take that cab right there. At first he said he couldn’t do it. But after I pointed to Hildegard’s limited mobility, he argued that he could make an exception in that case and gave the taxi driver a thumbs up – phew, saved by the wheels! 35 minutes later, at around 10.45 am, we arrived at the airport and checked in for our flight home.

In the waiting area of the gate we were all overcome by a little melancholy – it had simply been a beautiful trip. Destinations, ship, food, weather, but above all our togetherness and all the things we experienced together... Everything just fit together perfectly. I think that’s all I need to say as a conclusion.

Except maybe that my in-laws now have a better understanding for our cruise addiction…

226 Royal Caribbean

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